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Dog Training Tips : How Do I Train My Dog Not to Run Away

When training a dog not to run away, try using a long line leash in order to effectively teach them boundaries. Train a dog not to run away with tips from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience.

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  1. Really? A fence? Great way to teach…

  2. umm my dog keeps on running away because of collar and my mom won't lsiten to me and blames it on me and I didn't do nothing how can I keep Precious from running away from home?

  3. theres no atheist when the dog jumps the fence

  4. Putting up a fence is a great idea and would work with most dogs…I have a pit..we put up a pen for him…he dug out…we reinforced it he tore up the gate and got out.  He was staying in the yard with just a harness and a, somehow, he gets out of the harness.  We have no idea how. The harness on him is tight enough but he somehow slips out of it…any other ideas?

  5. my dog doesnt run away when i show her treats

  6. Well when my dogs hear fireworks they run to the fence and jump over!!!

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    I'm so satisfied I came across it.

  8. my 2 year old vizsla lab mix runs away and then waits for me to come after her before sprinting away and is not interested in food… we don't live in an area which has fenced areas. what should I do with her?

  9. What if the dog digs out of the yard?

  10. What worked for us was what I call "exposure training." we took the dogs to the beach and then them run free, occasionally calling them back for food. Granted it was nerve wracking at first but now they don't run away when they get off leash because they 1) know that eventually they'll get to go back to the beach and have more freedom and 2) that we have food. And these were dogs that would take off for hours if they got out of the yard. Running around a desert for of snakes is no fun (for us).

  11. Yeah, I never would have thought of that on my own.

  12. I know right he's so retarded.

  13. @darkramgerfilms he won't leave cuz he is a baby and scared to be alone but when he is older he will run my dog is one year old and when he was 3 months old he wouldn't leave I should know it was at three months cuz I got him at three months and so far he has escaped through the door umm……. 7 times he escaped his 7th time last week saturday 6/23/12

  14. my 3 month old red nose pit already wont leave the yard and i live in a trailer park with not fence

  15. It's called a LUNGE line. You know, like, lunging a horse… ugh

  16. thanks!! this video make sense!! move it to the top

  17. Fence and leash, check. Thanks for all your help and inspiration. What if I want my dog to run away but he keeps coming back?

  18. what if you live in a CONDO NOT A HOUSE

  19. what if it is a dog thats good at digging

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