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Potty Training Saga – Part 2

Here’s an update on the progress that he’s made.

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  1. @MrsKLRivers I've heard that girls are easier. Most of them don't like to be dirty, where most boys don't care. But you never know. My fingers are crossed for you though!

  2. @lifewith2 thats awesome tho!!!! i am dreading the potty training days!! but hopefully it will be easier with a girl!! lol

  3. @jenamo09 Hahahaha! So true! It makes him so proud! And I have to say, he looks so cute, he looks like a little man standing there! I'm so happy you like my videos! You never know what people will think of them when you put them up. So thanks for telling me that and thanks for watching!

  4. @mommyvlogsalot You know, it would be nice if it was someones job, to come in and do the work for you during the day. That would be nice wouldn't it? It's going to feel like complete freedom when he's fully trained….then I'll have to do it all again!

  5. @MrsKLRivers Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes! We've just had him running around in underwear this week, and he's good at that now. But if his pants are on, he pees in them. Tonight he did it again, but after I explained things to him, again, the next time he went to the potty. So he's getting there.

  6. @TheGraceDiaries It's so much more work and stress when you have another little one. I couldn't have done this in the first few months of having a new baby. I still find it hard. And with carpet, no way! So much cleaning and the thought of the baby finding it first….stress! You'll know when the right time is. Maybe it's now, maybe it'll be when she's older. Maybe you could try just having her go on the potty a couple of times a day, just to keep her interested? Then take it from there?

  7. @GoodwinMary You can remember?! Wow! You have a great memory! It's so funny how you didn't want to poop on the potty! I have a cousin who wouldn't either. He'd hold it in. His parents just gave up! They're going to wait till he's older and try again.

  8. yay for you guys!!!! GOOD LUCK this weekend!!

  9. I am far from potty training, but i love watching your videos. That is so awesome and what dads dream isn't to have their son peeing standing up lol. so congrat and keep up the good work!!!!

  10. Congrats! I am so tied at the moment with whether or not to try again to PT my 2 year old daughter. We have tried about 2 times but our whole house is carpeted and I want to do the no undies/nappy thing but it stresses me out when she's walking around. Anyway, it must feel good to have the ball rolling and now have a son who is "house trained", good work

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